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            Thank you for your interest in our potato equipment.  If you have more questions after looking over this information, please call us and we will try our best to answer them.

             The table model potato seed cutter helps you reduce your seed cutting time.

             Our planter hitch is built so that when planting with the one-row planter, the single row unit can be mounted off center to allow the same row spacing as a two-row planter without using a second-row unit. This is an economical solution when only a small acreage of potatoes is grown, and the expense of the second unit is hard to justify.  The standard two-row planter uses two one ow planting unit assemblies, complete with tires.

             Using the disc hiller after planting assists in weed control and helps prevent green tubers.  The 16” diameter discs are mounted on ball bearing hubs and are adjustable to produce various size hills.  Standard toolbar clamps mount to angle iron, 2” square, or 2” – 2 ½” diamond toolbar.  Type of toolbar must be specified when ordering.  Custom clamps available with extra charge.

              Our diggers can be either centered or offset to allow straddling 1 or 2 rows and digging one.  They have a self-contained hydraulic drive system and can be ordered with various chain link spacing.  Since the diggers are configured for each individual grower, we need sufficient lead-time to assemble them.

              We sell direct to our customers.  Prices are US Dollars.

Table Model Potato seed cutter $350.00

One-row planter (P-10M) $4,400.00

Two-row planter (P-20M) $8,600.00

One-row digger-3-point hitch (D-10M) $4,900.00

One-row digger pull hitch (D-10T) $8,600.00

Undercutter- Standard width $1,000, custom width $6/inch each additional inch

Harvest Carts $85.00

Hilling disc, standard pair w/clamps $385.00 (Custom clamps — price TBD)

Two-row Assisted Feed Planter base model (AFP-20M) $12,650

Fertilizer attachment for P-10M w/disc openers $2,200.00

Fertilizer attachment for AFP-20M w/disc openers $4,400.00

Self-Feed hoppers for AFP-20M $4,850.00

Gage Wheel option (D-10M) $385.00

Hitch Ext. (req’d with offset hitch & coulter on D-10M) $660.00 (also req’d with centered hitch with less than 36″ space between tires)

Sweet potato coulter/blade option (D-10M, D-10T) $900.00

Picking table ext. (D-10T) $2,100.00

Picking table Ext standing platform (D-10T) $825.00

Pail racks used on picking table (Set of 4) (D-10T) $550.00

Tail section cylinder (may be required with picking table opt.) $200.00

              All prices and product offerings are subject to change without notice.  Prices are f.o.b. Worland, WY. Our equipment is covered by a limited 2-year replacement parts warranty.  Customers can call 307-431-9555 with any technical service questions.

             We are adding options and products as the market requires, so do not hesitate to inform us of any unique requirements.

Eric & Cheri Anderson

US Small Farm Equipment Company 


 May God Bless You!

Operations Manual P-10M2017

Operations Manual D-10MT2017